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Offsite Survey

Using FileMaker Go Development to deploy a solutions to Mobile platforms such iPhone, iPad, iTouch.

FileMaker GOWe have developed a solution where multiple surveyors take their Ipad in the field, conduct their surveys  off site without any network access (wired, wireless, cell, WiFi) and then later on synced up with the server, compile data, and run reports. The administration will have access to the data and reports by the end of the day from any geographical location from their laptop or mobile application with Internet access.

FileMaker GoA mobile application that allow off site data gathering make life a lot easier the way we have made it for our clients. When our integration of multiple solutions, multiple platforms allowed information gathering on the field  whether or not there was a wireless (G3/G4 Cell tethering or WiFi) connectivity and then when returning back to home base, the data was synced to ONE unified reporting interface, it saved a lot of time, money, efforts, headaches and made life much easier and streamlined.

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