FileMaker Development

FileMaker Pro & FileMaker Go Development.

We can assist you with a wide variety of custom made solution for you, we will listen to your needs, study and understand what you already have in place and we will align accordingly to your needs budget and time lines.

  • Custom FileMaker Pro database design and development for Windows or Mac environments.
  • Internet Front end hosted solutions.
  • Online and offline solutions for inspections and service companies.
  • Security audits, access priovilidges, useras and groups.
  • Database migration from Ms-Access, Ms-SQL, MySQL to FileMaker Pro.
  • Data gathering via website front end and Filemaker Go.
  • Generate pdf quotes, invoices, and emails eliminating postal fees and the use of paper forms and envelopes.
  • Integrate with web front end to streamline processes and give online real time access to solutions.
  • Manage data and workflow remotely using the iPhone, iPad or iTouch.
  • Quickly access data such as inventory and customer accounts on Desktop Clients (Mac and Windows) web browser or mobile device.
  • Run reports to gain key insights into your organization.
  • Upgrade an existing solution from earlier versions.
  • Migrate an Existing solution form other database platform (Ms-Access, FoxPro, Borland, Delphi).
  • Mobile application development for iPad and iPhone.
  • FileMaker Pro Server deployment, configuration and integration with Active Directory.
  • Integrating your FileMaker solution to MS SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL.
  • Credit Card Transaction Processing (via plug-ins).
  • PDF from filling and generation (via pug-ins).